The history of the world according to us.  Told in pictures:

Summer at SK-8 camp.  Our morning starts with a three mile bike commute.  No big deal, eh!  It's not so easy when the diameter of your wheel is only uh, you know, smaller than an adult bike.  And then there is the constant mom-nag banter of "go faster, slow down, stay to the right, CAR!!!, left, right, left again, you can do it, and don't do that".  This may be more irritating for me to say than it is for them to hear.  They seem to have developed a talent for tuning me out. 

Five minutes into the ride....................Twenty minutes into the ride with one final hill to climb.

This is a little clip of M's last day of his first week.  Since then, he has mastered the ramps behind the ones in the clip and is practicing his kick flip:

Here's W weaving through cones at BMX camp.

Other summer highlights (thus far)

M's birthday was the kickoff:

And a night with the Durham Bulls:

And some pics from this past year

In the mountains:

At J and P's wedding:

I'll dig up some more later.